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Some ways to get your first job

This will depend on the type of job you want to do. Most first jobs are junior positions such as runners, assistants or internships. You’d need to have a good CV, one for each application and be able to market yourself well and have lots of persistence. Remember that employers may even only offer you an unpaid work placement.


One way of getting your first job and earning while you learn is through an apprenticeship. There are several types of apprenticeships in the creative industries.

For information on current apprenticeship vacancies visit the National Apprenticeship Service Click Here

If you’d like to find out more about careers in the creative industries Click Here

Useful Links

Here are just some sites where you can begin your search for that dream opportunity in this field. Please note that  BMETVFM are not responsible for the management of these sites or for any of the below links becoming broken or obsolete

Organisation Info
Not Going to Uni Advice on all your careers options
Channel 4 To find out job roles at Channel 4
Sky Virtual HD Newsroom
BECTU To help you better understand the industries and your rights as a worker
National Apprenticeship Service To find out about all types of apprenticeship and register to apply
Film and Video Workshop To find out about local informal training
New Deal of the Mind Jobs and projects in the arts and creative industries
Careers in Creative Media Examples of different types of career in creative sector
Creative Media Internships Internships in creative industries

Complete the quiz

  1. Which one of these areas of work isn't classed as part of the creative media industries?

    1. Interactive media
    2. Telephone engineering
    3. Digital Imaging (photography)
    4. TV Production
  2. Which of these skills is NOT required to work in the creative industries?

    1. Computer skilles
    2. Customer service skills
    3. Project management skills
    4. Singing skills
  3. Roughly what percentage % of creative media workers between 16-24 years old have had to work for no pay in the past?

    1. 8%
    2. 17%
    3. 23%
    4. 43%
  4. Roughly what % of creative media workers work freelance (are self employed)

    1. 10%
    2. 15%
    3. 25%
    4. 35%
  5. Which one of these skills do you think employers have said ARE NOT in short supply?

    1. Web design
    2. Multi-skilling (workers who can use different software)
    3. Engineering
    4. Sales and Marketing

Click Here to see the answers